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holdIT Self-service Reservation Lockers

An automated contactless library reservations collection point that can be positioned either internally or externally for true 24/7 service.

holdIT Self-service Reservation Lockers

The holdIT™ automated self-service reservations kiosk facilitates extended library opening hours by providing a self service reservations collection point that can be positioned in either internal or external conditions.

The holdIT™ automated self-service reservations kiosk allows library staff to remotely load lockers with reservation items with our loaning application. Just scan the item in the application. holdIT™ allocates a locker and prints a receipt with a barcode – the receipt will indicate the items and locker number. Once a trolley is full of items ready to be loaded into the holdIT the staff member has to just scan the barcode on the receipt that is attached to the reserved item and it will automatically unlock the correct locker, place the item in and close the door.

The user will simply scan their user card and the screen will display the items, the user accepts and the locker is opened and the items are issued.

If the holdIT™ is used for issuing other items the software is like a self-check system. However the user would select the item they wish to borrow and the system would issue the item and unlock the door. The item would be issued via SIP2 in a library. However if not in a library we would supply our own database or connect to a third party database (third party database connections will be an extra cost).

Brochure: holdIT™ brochure (PDF)

Brochure: holdIT™ Plus brochure (PDF)

  • Safe and secure storage
  • Adequate Locker space for varying sizes of reservation
  • Real time connection to LMS
  • Barcode, Mifare, Biometrics, RFID for user ID
  • Smart phone ID reader functionality
  • Myriad colour options – any RAL colour available
  • LED backlighting colour options
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature management system as standard
  • Connection to LMS via SIP2
  • Meets all required Safety Standards and is fully CE, UL Certified.
  • 15 locker standard modules
  • 10 locker – with screen modules
  • 9 locker – with returns bin modules
  • Modular design allowing for additional bays at later dates
  • Up to 102 lockers per screen module
  • Easy staff loading
  • Remote access and reporting system
Main terminal unit
(9 lockers included):
H 1900mm x W 520mm x D 450mm
Locker unit
(14 lockers included):
H 1900mm x W 520mm x D 450mm
Locker unit with returns bin
(8 lockers included):
H 1900mm x W 520mm x D 450mm
Locker internal size for all units: H 120mm x W 500mm x D 400mm
Materials: Standard finish is powder coated steel.
Alternative RAL colours can be requested at an additional cost. (Click on chart below)

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