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D-Tech RFIQ™ is a simple and affordable library book security system designed for School and academic libraries to help prevent costly book loss.

After tagging your libraries inventory with RFIQ™ book tags and installing our security gates at the entrances and exits; any item taken out of your library that has not been issued will result in a loud audible alarm and light display which is proven to be an effective deterrent.

The setting of each book's tag is easily updated at the staff counter using the RFIQ™ StaffPad and D-Tech Toggler software each time the book is issued or returned into your library's inventory.

As RFIQ™ uses modern RFID hardware it is an excellent upgrade path for those libraries with older existing 3M tattle-tape, RF or EM systems due to its superior reliability, effectiveness, minimalist design, upgradeability, and affordability.

An affordable investment with a low ongoing cost of ownership

It's not uncommon for New Zealand School libraries to have lost over $4000 worth of books in one year alone. With the RFIQ™ starter pack priced at $9995 + GST + installation, your library can address costly book loss at an affordable price.

Coupled with a low ongoing annual software license cost of below $300, a local New Zealand support team, reliable components built to last with no ongoing maintenance requirements, D-Tech RFIQ™ is a sound choice for any school library. 

What's involved with installing RFIQ™?

RFIQ™ is simply the easiest system to install on the market. Firstly the Library Plus team will install your security gates, RFID StaffPad and software to your staff counter computer. Then you'll need to 'tag' your library's inventory with RFIQ™ tags. These tags are supplied pre-programmed (security activated) and are as easy to apply as a self-adhesive label. We recommend you collect a group of library helpers or hold a 'tagging party' to help process your inventory as it requires minimal training and the more people you have the less time it takes.

Key features

  • Reduce book loss with up to 95% detection accuracy
  • High reliability and NO false alarms
  • Pre-programmed and easy to apply self-adhesive RFID tags
  • Existing tattle-tape strip type tags do not need to be removed
  • Unhinded Library accessibility - Wide gate spans of up to 1.6 metres per aisle (1.0 to 1.4m is optimal)
  • Multiple gate combinations of up to 4x aisles for extra wide entrances
  • Upgradeable to full RFID without needing to change tags or security gates
  • Comprehensive support when you need it
    • Tier 1: NZ support team
    • Tier 2: D-Tech international remote support team
  • Sofware: D-Tech Toggler™ application
    • Single mouse-click operation
    • Works alongside any Microsoft Windows based library management software
    • Optional integration with Access-IT Library Software via their 'Plescon-Security' function for click-free operation
      D-Tech RFIQ Software

What do RFIQ™ users think? 

A testimonial from Hamilton Boys’ High School (System installed May 2014)

Recently Hamilton Boys’ High School Library had a D-Tech RFIQ security system installed by Library Plus. Library Plus also supplied us with security labels for the book collection and the DVD collection. Library Plus provides on going service and if any issues occur it is problem-solved fast and efficiently. Steve Sussex is very approachable and professional. Everything is done to a very high standard. The gates are sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing and the security pads are hidden from view giving the issues and returns desk a cleaner look. The D-Tech RFIQ security system is a modern up to date system which will be compatible to any Library Management System and is adaptable for any future development. I can highly recommend Library Plus to any library looking to update their security system.

Nick Vincent Library Manager Hamilton Boys’ High School


Download an RFIQ™ brochure.

The Components of an RFIQ™ System

Zebra Symbol Library Barcode Scanner

Zebra Symbol Library Barcode Scanner


Corded black USB 1D barcode scanner with stand is rugged, reliable & ideal for general library tasks.

RFIQ™ Book Tags

RFIQ™ Book Tags

Pre-programmed high-quality 50 x 80mm HF 13.56Mhz RFID self-adhesive tag labels for library books

M180 Library Security Gates

M180 Library Security Gates

Affordable high-performance library security gates for RFID, RFIQ™ or RF.

RFIQ™ StaffPad

RFIQ™ StaffPad

Integrates with the Libraries issues/returns computer to read and update the status of RFIQ™ book tags

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