EM Technology

EM (Electromagnetic) Technology (also known as the 'tattle-tape' system) is an older library security system still found in a reducing number of school and public libraries. RFID is now becoming the industry standard for new library systems and D-Tech RFIQ™ provides the perfect upgrade path for schools.

Sensitiser / Desensitiser Units

EM Spinal Deactivation / Reactivation Units
EM security gates

Library Plus offer high quality automatic or passive, deactivation and reactivation devices compatible with most brands of EM security systems. Our automatic model can be linked to most library management software applications to switch security labels ON and OFF automatically when items are issued or returned. These units work on the chip strip (or slug strip) which include the following systems:

Checkpoint, Meto, Knogo, Sensermatic, Dialog, Certus, Gateway and many more.

Our lower cost passive deactivation and reactivation model is also available and requires no power to operate.

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EM Security Tags / Tattle-tape Strips

Library Plus supply a full range of EM labels, from integrated bar-code and security strips to spinal labels. All our labels are compatible with most if not all security systems.

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EM Security Gates

If you're looking to replace your EM security gates then please contact us and we'll gladly discuss our range of solutions to fit your budget and requirements.

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EM Self Service Kiosks

Our SelfCheck kiosks come with an integrated deactivation and reactivation device. This enables library users to check out items themselves without staff assistance.

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