EM Tattle-tape Library Security Technology

EM electromagnetic library systems also commonly referred to as the '3M tattle-tape system', is an old library security system still found in a reducing number of school libraries. We now consider RFID the industry standard for new library systems.  Call us to discuss your library's needs and we can provide a taylor-made system design and no-obligation quote to suit. 

For schools interested in replacing their aging 3M tattle-tape systems we highly recommend our D-Tech RFID system, or for a more simplified 'security-only' option; D-Tech RFIQ™.

EM Sensitiser / Desensitiser Units

EM Spinal Deactivation / Reactivation Units

Sensitiser/desensitiser devices are required with EM systems to switch the security tags ON and OFF when items are issued or returned. These units work on the chip strip (or slug strip) which includes the following system brands 3M, Checkpoint, Meto, Knogo, Sensormatic, Dialog, Certus, Gateway, and more.

How does this compare with RFID?
D-Tech RFID systems use a Staffpad Station which integrates with the issues/returns computer to wirelessly configure the ID and the security settings on each RFID tag. It is smaller and can even be easily mounted under the issues/return counter for 'out-of-sight' operation.

EM Security Tags / Tattle-tape Strips

Library Plus can still support libraries with these systems with a reduced range of EM labels / tags / tattle-tape security strips / spinal labels compatible with a range of systems. View our range of tags.

How does this compare with RFID tags?
D-Tech RFID tags resemble white permanent self-adhesive labels which are applied to the inside back cover of each book. They are far easier and quicker than EM tattle-tape strips to apply. Existing tattle-tape strips do not need to be removed from the book when adding an RFID tag. 

EM Security Gates

3M tattle-tape library security gatesIt's a fact that EM security gates are more problematic, costly, and require substantially more ongoing maintenance than our current RFID security gates. We have a range of reliable, effective, and affordable tailor-made security gate solutions to fit your budget and requirements.

EM Self-Service Kiosks

EM kiosks come with an integrated deactivation and reactivation device which allows library users to check out items themselves without staff assistance. These have now been replaced with RFID self-service kiosks for a more reliable system and increased functionality.


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