secureIT m-Series (M180) Library Security Gates

Affordable high performance library security antenna for RFID or RFIQ

The D-Tech M180 is an effective, attractive, robust and affordable RFID / RFIQ™ security gate / antenna system for libraries on a smaller budget.  They provide highly reliable 24/7 operation, excellent detection levels of up to 95% and are false-alarm free.  Security breaches are clearly displayed with both an audible alarm and LED light.  Free flowing entranceway access is ensured thanks to it's exceptional aisle span width up to 1.6 metres.

  • Larger entrances are supported through dual, triple or even quad aisle configurations.
  • Compatible with D-Tech 13.56 MHz RFID labels and items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers
  • Compatible with other suppliers installations
  • Optional ‘GateViewer’ software application collates and identifies all alarm incidents (RFID only)
  • Low power usage

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(m180), secureIT m-Series (M180) Library Security Gates

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