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M180 Library Security Gates

Affordable high-performance library security gates for RFID, RFIQ™ or RF.

M180 Library Security Gates

The D-Tech M180 is an effective, attractive, robust, and affordable RFID / RFIQ™ security gate/antenna system for libraries on a smaller budget.  They provide highly reliable 24/7 operation, excellent detection levels of up to 95%, and are false-alarm free with security breaches clearly displayed with an adjustable alarm and LED light.

Free-flowing entranceway accessibility for all library users is assured thanks to a class-leading aisle span up to 1.6 metres (1.2 to 1.4 metres optimal) and our careful channelling of all cabling.  Available in multi-aisle configurations of 1, 2, 3 or 4 to cover the widest entrance-way.

  • Larger entrances are supported through dual, triple or even quad aisle configurations.
  • Compatible with D-Tech 13.56 MHz RFID labels and items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers
  • Compatible with other suppliers installations
  • Optional ‘GateViewer’ software application collates and identifies all alarm incidents (RFID only)
  • Optional integrated IR beem people counter
  • Low power usage

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