Neo Compact Paging System

Neo is a compact pager and transmitter system designed for libraries requiring better coverage and up to 15 pagers per transmitter.

Neo Compact Paging System

During those busy times a Neo paging system can really increase a libraries customer service. This compact paging transmitter and alphanumeric pager package allows staff to be easily and quickly messaged while not at their station, issues or returns desk with just the press of a button.

The compact and easy to wear Pagers can flash and discretely vibrate when activated, via the Neo transmitter, alerting the staff member to return when required.

We can tailor the amount of pagers included to suit you.

Feature Summary

  • Pagers can be set to audible, vibrate, flash or combination modes at any stage providing excellent flexibility to suit any situation
  • 'Smart charging' eliminates over-charging and extends battery life
  • Batteries can be easily replaced minimising ongoing costs of maintenance
  • Unique base ID system ensures no overlapping with other transmitters
  • Sleep time options allows automatic turn on and off of all pagers
  • Pager 'Out of Range' alert helps prevent lost of pagers
  • Recharging station hosts and charges up to 6 pagers at a time

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