Gladstone Primary School

After calculating the cost of lost books, choosing an RFIQ™ system made common sense.

Gladstone Primary School

Gladstone Primary is a beautiful school in Mt Albert, Auckland with a very busy library containing roughly 15,000 items. They have a very large turnover of books and over time the cost of replacing lost items was found to be substantial.

As discussed with Library Manager, Lynne Wardrop… ‘Choosing the D-Tech RFIQ™ book security system makes common sense as it will pay for itself within a few years, and if we want to upgrade to RFID we are already most of the way there.’

Lynne’s other main reason for choosing Library Plus was because we have an office in Auckland and are happy to come out to visit.  The only other provider that was worth considering no longer has offices in New Zealand and so the choice was obvious.

So the Library Plus team installed a D-Tech RFIQ™ book security system into the library and gave onsite training to the library team.

This system consisted of smart looking yet discrete M180 RFID security gates at the library entrance, dual RFID staff pads at the issues desk and pre-programmed self-adhesive book tags for the books.

Tagging of the library stock is being undertaken by the regular year 6 student library monitors who assist with the issues and returns desk. The RFID book tags used in an RFIQ™ system are super quick and simple to apply, just like a sticker. As they are provided pre-programmed, once the tag is applied to the book it is immediately protected.

Lynne has had considerable experience in the Auckland public libraries with RFID before taking on the roll at Gladstone and here are her comments on the system so far;

'The system is working well. I have found it to be very user friendly and the children have learnt to manage it very quickly. We have tagged about a third of the books. All done by the children.

I am very happy with it and would recommend it to other schools.

Lynne Wardrop, Library Manager'

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