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RFID StaffPad

Integrates with the Libraries issues/returns computer to read and update the status of RFID book tags.

RFID StaffPad

The StaffPad is an essential component in a library's RFID system as it facilitates the issue, returns, and renewal of items at the staff counter. StaffPad is easy to use, reduces these repetitive tasks, saves you time, and facilitates better ergonomics for staff. It can be located either on top or below the desk and connects to the counter computer via a USB cable.

The StaffPad comprises of an RFID reader, an RFID antenna along with D-Tech's Circulation and Conversion software which talks to your Library Management Software via SIP2. Available with a standard antenna or an optional shielded antenna for a more finely focused detection field.

  • For issuing, returning, or re-issuing of items at the staff counter
  • For programming new RFID book tags
  • Requires 1x USB port
  • Low power device 12 volt DC
  • Connects to your Library Management Software via SIP2
  • Able to program tags in Offline mode even with no LMS connection
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Software: D-Tech Conversion, D-Tech Circulation
  • Operating System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 (32 or 64bit)
  • Made in the UK with recyclable materials.

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