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Thermal People Counting

A discrete, flexible and highly accurate system for counting visitor numbers.

Thermal People Counting

Thermal imaging people counters are increasingly replacing standard style people counters as the most accurate and easily manageable way of collecting visitor data.

We can design and install a tailored network of thermal people counter devices across multiple buildings and locations to count your visitor numbers and store that data on a centralised online server for 24/7 retrieval.

With a data accuracy averaging between 95 - 98%, our thermal imaging people counters are the highest quality counter available. As they track a person's thermal heat signature, they function equally well in brightly lit environments or complete darkness.

Commonly specified in libraries, museums, art galleries, or retail and leisure destinations, the small, quiet, and unobtrusive thermal imaging counter can be used to track, monitor, and anticipate footfall trends.

  • Small, discrete ceiling mounted counters
  • Up to 98% count accuracy
  • Thermal (heat sensing) operates the same in light or dark environments
  • Indoor or outdoor weatherproof options
  • Link up to 8 counters for very wide zones
  • Counters can be viewed, managed, and adjusted remotely
  • Details of count by time, date, hour, and minutes in 15-minute increments
  • Long service life
  • Award-winning technology
  • Connects with multiple counters to cover larger locations

Data from the Counter is stored on a server running D-Tech People Counting Software. Each server installation is capable of handling data from up to 100 individual thermal people counters from up to 30 locations.  Staff accesses the data via a web browser so it is easy to view real-time footfall across multiple locations, making it a useful tool for library services with multiple library branches. 

This system has been installed in many significant UK sites including TATE Gallery, TATE Modern, Saatchi Gallery, The Imperial War Museum, Tate Liverpool, Blackshots Leisure Centre, Cambridgeshire County Council, Thurrock Council, London Borough of Enfield, London Borough of Greenwich, Pitt Rivers Museum, Suffolk County Council, Wigan Leisure, and Cultural Trust & York Libraries.


  • Ceiling mounted
  • Minimum ceiling height of 2.4m
  • Maximum ceiling height of 14.5m
  • A server running D-Tech Thermal People Counting Software
  • Network LAN connection with a static IP address per counter
  • 12 to 28VDC power to the counter by via POE (power over ethernet).


  • DT10900 - Thermal Counter IP Based, 20 degree lens (Ceilings of 8 to 14.5m)
  • DT10901 - Thermal Counter IP Based, 40 degree lens (Ceilings of 4 to 7m)
  • DT10902 - Thermal Counter IP Based, 60 degree lens (Ceilings of 2.5 to 4.5m)

Wide entrances

  • Link up to 8x counters to create a single wide zone up to 30m wide


  • Accuracy: Up to 98%


  • Plastic casing

Power Supply

  • 12 to 28V hardwired or via standard POE (power over ethernet)


  • Height: 55mm
  • Width: 105mm
  • Weight: 0.22kg
  • Packaged size: 12.5cm x 7cm x 11cm
  • Packaged weight: 0.26 kg


  • Recessed mounting kit

D-Tech People Counting Software is a web based administration, data collection and reporting tool for a network of D-Tech thermal people counters.

It can be used to track, monitor and anticipate footfall trends.  Visitor activity is measured across a pre-determined set of criteria and can even be measured against the weather.  Data can also be used for CIPFA submissions.

Data is administered via a web-browser so it is easy to view real time footfall across multiple locations, making it a useful tool for services with multiple branches.

Features include;

  • Web browser based administration of counters and reporting
  • Supports up to 100x thermal people counter devices from up to 30x locations
  • Option to view real time data across multiple locations
  • Wide range of settings and collection options
  • Details of count by time, date, hour and minutes in 15 minute intervals
  • Exportable data into Excel for use with graphs and pivot tables
  • Easily add more counters to an existing system

Starter Kit (DT10706PC)

  • 1x D-Tech People Counting Software
  • 1x Thermal Counter
Software can be supplied pre-installed on a Windows PC or installed remotely onto your own server.

York Explore Library Learning Centre


D-Tech has installed its Enterprise, thermal imaging people counter at the the newly opened York Explore Library Learning Centre. The new space provides a welcoming and well-designed flexible location that brings together a modern city library, with a full and vibrant programme of learning.

The thermal imaging people counter transmits data directly to a webbrowser application and therefore offers a number of benefits over traditional beam technology including improved accuracy, higher performance and the option to view real time data across multiple locations. The counter software offers a wide range of settings and collection options to provide data linked to a number of circumstancial, environmental and demographic pre-set applications. The quality and depth of data means that the collation of data is streamlined, takes up less staff time than other people counting technology and library staff can use the data to understand footfall trends across time, location and even the weather!

Helen Whitehead, Performance and Projects Manager, City of York Council, Libraries & Heritage department, explains her team’s reasons for choosing the thermal imaging people counter over other types: “ We are always keen to keep abreast of new technology in order to keep improving our service to customers. The new Explore centre has opened with technology which the public can see for example, the latest self issue and wi-fi, and other technology which they don’t notice, like the thermal imaging people counter. Seen or unseen, it’s all about improving the service to our customers. We’re proud to be leading the way in terms of using the latest technology to deliver a modern service.”

The Explore centre is in a highly listed building and it was important that the people counter is unobtrusive in the listed setting. Small, compact and with easy fixing, the thermal imaging people counter sits discretely in the ceiling transmitting its data efficiently and quietly with no intrusion on the library setting or visitors.

Helen adds: “Since the new Explore centre opened a few weeks ago we’re getting far more visitors than before, and the new people counter is diligently counting them all!”.

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