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Plexi Library Security Gates

Enhanced performance with LED lighting Plexiglas Gates for RFID or RFIQ

Plexi Library Security Gates

The D-Tech Plexiglas RFID Library Security Gate system provides enhanced 3D perimeter based protection for superior detection and an improved alarm handling for any location where visual appearance is paramount.

Packaged in a durable Plexiglas frame with attractive stainless steel base, the RFIDGate system combines an obvious deterrent with an aethetically pleasing design. For additional appeal it has a coloured LED lighting solution that lights up the complete antenna, changes colour in normal mode and if the alarm is trigged changes to flashing red.

Compatible with;


  • Compatible with D-Tech 13.56 MHz RFID labels and items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers.
  • Our advanced digital RFID technology uses state of the art digitally enhanced receiver to chip technology to ensure superior detection with false alarm-free protection.
  • Integrated alarm lights and sounder provide individual aisle identification through multiplexing.
  • Integrated lights illuminate system for visually impaired and to indicate system is on and working.
  • The optional ‘GateViewer’ software application collates and identifies all alarm incidents, with connection and troubleshooting status to installed system.
  • Mounts as a free standing unit.
  • Compatable with other suppliers installations
  • Larger entrances are supported through dual, triple or even quad aisle configurations.

  • Highly accurate detection. Up to 95%.
  • Max gap between antennas: 1200mm
  • Available in multiple aisle configurations

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