People Counting

Thermal People Counting
Thermal People Counting

Count, monitor and evaluate visitor foot traffic

Visitor usage data is a very useful tool for public space buildings to monitor and evaluate footfall by location and at individual service points. Our people counters allow establishments to evaluate the peaks and troughs in user attendance and adjust their approach for a smarter and sharper service.

D-Tech Thermal People Counters

Our ceiling mounted, indoor or outdoor, thermal imaging counters are able to be deployed to detect numbers and trends of customer groups at counters, entrances and exits providing fast, accurate data on how, when and where a location is being used.

Up to 8 counters can be linked together to cover extra wide 'counting zones' of up to 32m and from ceiling heights of up to 15 metres.

This award winning technology boasts an accuracy of up to 98% and is being used by managers to track and verify visitor / customer numbers at various days and times and pre-empt future staffing requirements etc.

Because it senses and tracks a person's body heat, it is able to function reliably in the day or night, avoiding all the common issues associated with other people counting technologies.

The data captured from multiple counters in multiple locations is stored on a server and is available anywhere, at any time as a report or download via a web browser.

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