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Zebra Symbol Library Companion Barcode Scanner

Batch scan or wireless bluetooth 1D linear barcode scanner. Easy-to-use, reliable and the perfect portable companion for library tasks.

Zebra Symbol Library Companion Barcode Scanner

The innovative Zebra CS3070 by Motorola allows librarians to easily implement 1D laser scanning in a more compact, portable, and cost-effective format than traditional wireless barcode scanners. This easy-to-use scanner is durable, lightweight, and fits in your pocket or can be slung on a lanyard for convenient access when you need it.

The CS3070 can be utilized in standalone mode for the batch scanning of barcodes as well as real-time bar code data transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth connection to smartphones, laptops and more.

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Long battery life

The CS3070 features a 24-hour batch/12-hour Bluetooth mode battery life insures well over single shift scanning performance on a charge. Its simple two button design is easy to hold and use - almost no training required!

Zebra signature ergonomics ensure user comfort and ease of use

The easy-to-use CS3000 Series requires virtually no training to operate. The highly intuitive simple 2-button interface makes scanning easy and grooves guide hands and fingers into the most comfortable scanning position.

Enterprise-class capacity, reliable and affordable

The large memory capacity allows workers to capture more than a million barcodes, providing ample support for the largest batch operations. The non-volatile memory ensures that batch data is retained

Best in class high-performance scanning

The integrated SE955 scan engine delivers Zebra's world-renowned scanning quality and reliability. The wide working range provides extraordinary application flexibility, allowing users to capture barcodes in virtually any lighting condition.

  • Barcode Dimension: 1D
  • Scan Pattern: Single Line
  • Connection: USB Cable
  • Bluetooth: 0.5
  • Interface: USB
  • Connectivity: Cordless, iOS/Android, iOS/iPad
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Manufactured by Motorola
  • Branded 'Symbol' by Zebra


  • 3.41 in. L x 1.95 in. W x .87 in. H
  • 8.65 cm L x 4.95 cm W x 2.2 cm H


  • With batteries: 2.45 oz./70 gm


  • Twilight Black

 Drop Tolerance

  • 4 ft./1.21 m drop to tiled linoleum over concrete, 6 drops per 6 sides, across the operating temperature range

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